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Come to Grants Pass on May 20th, 2007—the third Sunday in Amazing May, and experience our annual Antique and Collectible Street Fair—but you'd better get here early!  Offically, the event doesn't get underway until 8 or 9 am (or is it 10?) but from our experience, the best buys are usually found around the crack of dawn—sometimes even earlier.  Hmmm, maybe you'd better call ahead to secure accomodations, then show up on Saturday (or even Friday!), check in to your lodgings before checking out our multitude of shops and malls, both large and small. Then get yourself a good night's rest so you can get an early start on Sunday morning!!!


Grants Pass, Oregon ~ Amazing May
Antiques & Collectibles Street Fair
Third Sunday in May ~ Rain or Shine (or more often some of each)

Here are some of the sunnier scenes from last year's annual Antique & Collectible Street Fair, held on cordoned off sections of 5th and H Streets in historic downtown Grants Pass.  Climate-wise we also had some darker moments, including an intermittent downpour or two, but neither vendors nor shoppers were discouraged.  The former merely covered their wares with tarps and waited for the next cloud break, while the latter availed themselves of the opportunity to step indoors and check out the town's world-famous antique shops.



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