Grants Pass, Oregon ~ Amazing May

above: One of over 100 vendors at Grants Pass' annual "Amazing May" Antiques Street Fair event, offering an unparalleled assortment of fine antiques and quality collectibles.

Antiques & Collectibles Street Fair
Sunday, May 20, 2007 (third Sunday in May)

It was another fantastic 3rd Sunday in May as the Grants Pass Town Center Association played host to the city's annual Antique & Collectible Street Fair.  

So what's the deal with this "Climate" thing?  Up through the night before all of our local meteorologists were in agreement, forecasting clouds but zero precipitation.  "Don't forget to water the garden," they said. And then around dawn it started coming down in buckets.


 Rain go away!

Rain, rain...
<...Nothing but Blue Sky
                  from now on.

Old scotch!

Over 100 Vendors!!!

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would you believe

^ Peggy & Linda

 intermittent blue sky?

^ Earl

^ See Forrest
  through the Trees!

^ Deco, anyone?   

I've heard whispered rumours that the shop owners are behind it all—that they hire out all the local pilots and medicine men on that day, directing the former to seed the clouds with silver iodide and the latter to dance their porcupine quilled moccassins off—whatever it takes to MAKE it rain like the dickens, driving the better-than-usual antique shopping crowd indoors.

Okay, I'll admit that it probably isn't even true—after all, the shop owners are tightwads and medicine men don't dance cheap—but if it is true then it backfired on 'em!  By around nine o'clock (before the shops open!) the rain stopped and the clouds began to break.  It turned out to be a fantastic day and incredible bargains were found by one and all!